maandag 20 augustus 2007


Covered or saturated with water. Find 'wet' in your space today.

I did this word during the summerbreak-game. I used this picture .....

So today I made another picture in our garden.......

I really like taking picture in the garden. It changes so much, every time there's something else to see.

Finally, another kind of "wet". Picture taken a few weeks ago......

21 opmerkingen:

Kate zei

either you've been using a watering can or you've got more rain than we have here at the moment!! great pics! love the colour of the leaves. :-)

Diana zei

Love your wet. As usual great shots Di X

etteY zei

lovely photos! are those fog? mist? vapor? ack! i don't know what to call it... but it's really beautiful! ;)

Terrie zei

Gorgeous little speckles of water. X

Rachael zei

Hostas and alchemilla (lady's mantle) my fav plants my gardens full of both of them they look so fantastic after the rain. Fantastic shots of both of them.

MaaikeV zei

zo leuk he water op de vrouwenmantel geweldige foto

Looby zei

this pics are amazing - well done!

Debbie zei

great photos of the rain drops!

Karen zei

Beautiful photos--all wet! I love how plants look after the rain.

~*Gems*~ zei

Ooh fabulous photos! :o) xx

Joshua zei

they are all very nice photos. I have done an alchemilla as well it looks like it has little jewels on it.


Andrew zei

There's something so wonderful invigourating about plantlife covered in droplets of water - well captured!

Vanda zei

Lovely photos Yolanda. Those hosta leaves are fab xXx

Joy zei

Lovely photos!!! Great sharp colors on the leaves too!

Eleanor zei

Very rich and jewel like. Wonderful.

Olivia zei

My mum loves the way water stays on alchemilla leaves. We've got some in our front garden.
Great photos!

Aubrey Harns zei

All great shots Jolanda. Love the water droplets on the leaves.

Louise zei

now you're just showing off because you have different kinds of plants in your garden... my two are the same...LOL!!!

Fantastic shots, very professional looking:)

SuzyB zei

Great wet shots of the plants, looks really affective x

Kate zei

Love the 2nd plant known to us as 'plant that looks good in the rain'

Ruth zei

Super photos!! Love 'em.