maandag 15 december 2008

Lots of words

A yellow precious metal and one of the gifts of the 3 kings at Christmas. Show us some gold in your space today.

A small trinket for christmas tree decoration. Show us a bauble in your space today.




An object with which to adorn. Show us a decoration in your space today.

The final season of the year, show us Winter in your space.

maandag 17 november 2008


A disc or knob of plastic or metal, usually used to hold two surfaces together. Find 'Button' in your space.

dinsdag 11 november 2008


An amusement or passtime, or contest with rules. Find 'Game' in your space.

My son, during the National Championship Schoolchess. Just relaxing....... between 2 matches.

zondag 2 november 2008

Long update

In a state of disrepair or malfunction. Find broken in your space today.

SOS with a twist!
An SOS with a difference, today I'd like you to share show off shots of your collections! Everyone collects something whether its ornaments of a certain type, or novelty teapots, show me your collections today!

A thoroughfare or walkway. Find 'Passage' in your space.

A complex construction or entity. Find 'Structure' in your space.

A place of work and sometimes play. Find 'Office' in your space.

A medium of illumination that makes sight possible. Find 'Light' in your space.

A substance that is shiny and smooth or printed on high quality paper. Find something 'glossy' in your space today.

A round, firm, fleshy edible fruit - find Apple in your space today.

maandag 20 oktober 2008


A process in which light is thrown back after impinging on a surface, or to think, meditate or ponder. Find 'Reflect' in your space.

Set, Baked, Hold and Stripes

A group of objects that match or go together in some way. Find a 'set' in your space today.

To cook with a dry heat without exposure to a flame. Show us 'baked' in your space today.

To have, or keep, or embrace an object or person. Find 'Hold' in your space:

Long narrow bands which differ in colour or texture, find Stripes in your space today.

dinsdag 14 oktober 2008

Dip and catch-up

To put something down quickly into liquid. Show us 'dip' in your space today.

A characteristic of or occuring in Autumn. Find something autumnal in your space today.

To view or investigate. Find 'Look' in your space.

To convey information or a command. Find 'Sign' in your space.

dinsdag 7 oktober 2008


HSMSHS has a new home!

WELCOME : An instant or manner of greeting someone. Show us 'welcome' in your space today.

maandag 6 oktober 2008


Break, or cause to break into parts or halves along the grain. Find 'split' in your space today.

zondag 5 oktober 2008


Free from disturbance. Find something tranquil in your space today.

maandag 29 september 2008


To stretch or pull tight. Find something taut in your space today.


An object or feature of a landscape that is easily recognisable. Show us a landmark in your space today.

A house in Volendam with typical roof.

woensdag 24 september 2008


An unusual, exciting and often hazardous experience or activity. Show us some adventure in your space today.

A photo taken about a year ago during a schooltrip........

dinsdag 23 september 2008


A flattened structure attached to the stem of a plant. Find a leaf in your space today.

maandag 22 september 2008


Something that is highly pleasant in taste. Find something delicious in your space today.

Since it was my birthday last Friday we had some delicious home-made apple-pie.

donderdag 18 september 2008


Of considerable size, extent or intensity. Show us something big in your space today!

My youngest wanted cottoned candy. He returned with the XXL-size......

This is her...... my little niece, born last Tuesday.

Isn't she cute?!?!

dinsdag 16 september 2008

Juicy, float and row

To be full of juice or succulent. Find something juicy in your space today !

To be suspended freely in a liquid or gas. Find something floating in your space today.

A number of people or things in a straight line. Show us a 'row' in your space today.

A little catching-up.....
Guess what I'll be doing today....
I'm gonna visit my youngest sister and BIL. They became parents for the second time yesterday-afternoon. So this aunt is checking out the little girl named Pip.

maandag 8 september 2008

Purple and Hedge

The colour that is intermediate between red and blue. Find something purple in your space today.

A boundary formed by bushes or shrubs. Show us a hedge in your space today.

maandag 1 september 2008


An action or sentiment of love. Find something (or someone!) romantic in your space today.

A red rose, very romantic........


A hinged barrier used to close an opening in a fence or wall. Find a gate in your space today.

maandag 11 augustus 2008


It's been a while, but hey.... summerholiday....

woensdag 16 juli 2008

Row and Red

A number of persons or things arranged in a continuous line. Also two or more people having a heated argument also known as a "row".

A vivacious colour to indicate love and danger.

donderdag 3 juli 2008


To stop work or movement in order to relax. Show us 'rest' in your space today.

I think we're going to see lots of pets today..........

woensdag 2 juli 2008


A connected flexible series of metal links. Show us a chain in your space today.

Some rusty chains laying between fishnets in the harbour......
Picture taken in July 2007.

dinsdag 1 juli 2008

Dig and twist

To break up or move earth with a tool or machine. Show us 'dig' in your space today.

To from into a bent, curled or distorted shape. Find a twist in your space today.