vrijdag 31 augustus 2007


To bite and grind with the teeth. Find 'chew' in your space today.

I'm all alone right now so I cheat a bit. These picture were taken a few weeks ago.

donderdag 30 augustus 2007


A shallow bowl or radio antenna. Find 'dish' in your space.

No bowl or antenna here, but I found these dish(es).

woensdag 29 augustus 2007


A mass of water vapour. Show us 'cloud' in your space today.

These were the only coulds I could find in the sky today. The whether here is very nice, no clouds, only the sun.

but I have pictures from stormclouds........

maandag 27 augustus 2007


A red or green fruit from a tree. Show us 'apple' in your space today.

No problemo. Because my husband and our youngest are totally addicted to fruit we always have apples and mandarins in the fruitbasket.

This was part of my breakfast this morning.


An object that gives light and warmth. Find 'sun' in your space today.

A lovely word today. The sun is shining here, so very appropriate.

This picture is a kind of a cheat. I made the picture myself, but a few weeks ago on holiday.

This picture is made saterday, the sunflowers I bought that day. They look so sunny! I love sunflowers.

zondag 26 augustus 2007

Show off sunday

Otherwise knows as S.O.S !!!!This is the day when Kirsty and i take a little rest and you can post any photo (past or present) that you are particularly pleased with. It could be that you are pleased with the composition of the photo, a technical aspect, or it is just a moment that you are glad that you captured. It doesn't have to fit any theme, so you are completely free to choose and tell why.Can't wait to see what you've all got waiting for us!

Great idea! I have, luckely, several photo's of which I'm proud off. This picture I took 2 years ago at Nieuwvliet, a village along the Northsea-coast.

It was terrible whether that day, storms, rainshowers, every now and then a little sunshine...... The kids played soccer with their dad, they searched for sharkteeth (especially lying there after a storm). Finally we had to run to the car because a big shower was coming our way.

zaterdag 25 augustus 2007

Self Portrait saterday

This weekend we are introducing two new features to HSMS, just to keep you on your photograpgy toes! The first of these will be a new regular 'Self Portrait Saturday'. Take the opportunity once a week to practise your portrait skills and make a record of your changing self.

I hate this!

I don't like pictures of myself at all. No further comment.

vrijdag 24 augustus 2007


A hard solid mineral. Show us 'stone' in your space today.

Different stones in my space today.

In this pot we keep the stones my sons used to collect. Everywhere they went they serarched for beautiful stones and took them home.

This picture from our frontyard-path is taken from our bathroomwindow. We share the path with our neighbours.

And this little one stand guard at my parents-in-laws pond.

donderdag 23 augustus 2007


The palest colour and sign of purity. Find 'white' in your space today.

Very appropriate. This rose is called "Snowwhite"'

I also found a hydrangea

dinsdag 21 augustus 2007


A person you know particularly well. Show us 'friend' in your space today.

This picture shows my youngest (in the middle) with his two closest friends.
They've been friends since first grade and finally, after 4 years, they are in the same soccerteam. One of the boys lives in the street across, so almost every day they play together. The other boy lives a few miles away, but they see each other at school and at soccer and besides that they play after school every now and then. Now they are in the 8th grade (so next year they're going to secondary school). I hope they still be friends then, even if they go to separate schools......

maandag 20 augustus 2007


Covered or saturated with water. Find 'wet' in your space today.

I did this word during the summerbreak-game. I used this picture .....

So today I made another picture in our garden.......

I really like taking picture in the garden. It changes so much, every time there's something else to see.

Finally, another kind of "wet". Picture taken a few weeks ago......


A green living organism. Show us a 'plant' in your space today.

The grapes in the garden of my parents in law. Some of the grapes are starting to colour.

zondag 19 augustus 2007


A container for food or liquid. Show us 'can' in your space today.

Edit: it is a rainmeter or raingauge, pluviometer, as the dictionary says.
You can see how many rain has fallen in a certain period of time. You can read in the meter there was 22 mm of rain fallen. That is per m2, in this case over 3 days. With this method you can register how much rain is fallen in a month, year, during summer etc. My grandpa used to write down the number every day, so at the end of the year he knew how much rain felt. My FIL is a little farmer and is very interested in the whether. Every time he calls us he asks how many rain we had.... Although he lives sky wide just a few kilometres from us, there a hugh differents in the mm that has felt. Some days it rains overhere and they have had no rain at all. So, overhere in the Netherlands, you can find rainmeters all over the place.

zaterdag 18 augustus 2007


To move through the air. Find 'fly' in your space.

Lots of pictures of "fly" in my space. During summerbreak the kids love to fly kite so a lot of picture of that. And early July we went to the Vlootdagen in Vlissingen and made a lot of pictures from a heli that did rescues at sea. The fly on the hosta leave I took a few days ago, wondering through thew garden after a shower.
The heron flying through the sky was taken in Volendam, during our holiday.

vrijdag 17 augustus 2007


A mechanism for keeping something closed that is operated by a key. Show us a lock in your space today.

This is the lock on my olderst son's bike. Now I see that it's time his washes his bike. Quit dusty, isn't it........

But hey, he has summerbreak so doesn't use his bike a lot. Next week he's going back to school and then the dust blows off in the wind or rain............

donderdag 16 augustus 2007


To cut into small pieces. Find chop in your space.

This is a part of our "chopmachine". I don't use it a lot.

An opening in the wall, filled with glass. Show us a window in your space today.

One of 6 windows at the front of our house.

dinsdag 14 augustus 2007

Catching up

I have to do a lot of catching up. Last days were very busy so the pictures for HSMS had to wait. But I'm done......

An Italian food made from dough. Find pasta in your space today.

Our favorite pasta.

To operate a vehicle. Show us drive in your space today.

Our car in which we drive

A long strand of fibres. Find one in your space today.

This "necklace" was given to me by the children of school after the summerfestival. Everyone who has helped that day got a necklace with a lollypop shell tied to it.

To fall to the ground. What moves down in your space?

The lid of a glaze bowl dropped to the ground and I threw away the pieces. After that I read the word "down" so I made a picture from the pieces in the bin.

Two of the same thing. Find double in your space today

My youngest's soccer stockings.

A little s omething to adorn the ear. Find one in your space today.

I used this picture before by "filigree".
The black earrings are made from jet, from a necklace. The best ones were picked out and used for the earrings.

woensdag 8 augustus 2007


A busting place to hang out, meet friends and enjoy. Show us a city near your space.

Lots of lovely places in "my" city. I've picked 2.

This is an old little bridge. Lots of people have to cross this bridge to go to the citycentre.

On the picture below is one of the many places at the market-square where you can rest and eat or drink somthing. A real meetingplace...

dinsdag 7 augustus 2007


The window to the soul, which eyes are watching in your space today ?
Cat eyes!

and naughty-looking eyes!

maandag 6 augustus 2007


A period of greatest beauty, find 'bloom' in your space today.

Not that difficult, today's word. Lots of plants are in bloom right now. I picked two pictures today, one of the passiflora. Notice the little wasp.....

and one of the hydrangea......

zondag 5 augustus 2007


Something a little rounder than it could be. Find fat in your space.

This is one of our cats. She's a bit rounder dan normal......

zaterdag 4 augustus 2007


A lifting of the corners of the mouth to express happiness. Show us a smile in your space today.

My little niece was smiling when she was eating ice-cream. She loved it......

vrijdag 3 augustus 2007


A thin flexible sheet of metal, find foil in your space.

I discovered my husbands lunchbox. He always wraps his daily 12 slices of bread in foil.

Edit: and that 12 slices are the ones he takes with him when he has to work. He eats 3 slices before he leaves for work and sometimes he eats another slice of bread around 8 pm. So, he alone eats a whole bread in 2 days.......

donderdag 2 augustus 2007


Finally put mine up;).
I already threw away the box because it was empty but I took it out the bin and pictured it.

woensdag 1 augustus 2007


Kirsty and Anita are back from summerbreak so the game is on again.

Today´s word is Summer.

That´s a good one, because finally the whether is nice. We went to the beach today and went to a town called Oostburg. Here they had a Sandsculpture~festival.
I made some pictures there and will put them in my blog later.

This is my summerpicture, taken today.