donderdag 28 juni 2007


With Kirsty and Anita leaving for a holiday, they left us with a little game.

They posted a picture of "Logs" and the next one, in this case ME, had to start a photo with a subject starting with "S".
So, my picture is one with my Sisters on it.

Who's next?? Start with S also.......

dinsdag 26 juni 2007


Ornamental fine wire work. Show us filligree in your space.

When I saw the word for today I immediately knew what my subject is. This "thing" on the necklace is a part of a snap from my husband's grandmothers jewelry.

When you look closely you can see the filigree between the 4 knobs.....

Granny wore, when she was still alive, what we call "klederdracht" (see picture below, b.t.w. this is not my husbands grandmother).

Her necklace has a golden snap on the back which had two parts. My mother in law decided that, when granny died, my sister in law and I should have a part of the jewel. A goldsmith made from the two parts of the snap two pendants and we both received one. I never were it because I think its a bit old-fashioned, but maybe when I'm "old" I'm going to were it. We'll see.........
The black earrings are made from jet (see picture below), also from a necklace. The best ones were picked out and used for the earrings.

Bowl and sharkteeth

A round, deep dish. Show us a bowl in your space today.

My soupbowls, up at the kitchencupboard.

and for the people who asked for sharkteeth....

the dark figures in the middle of the canvas are the teeth. A closer look......

You can find them on the Northseacoast, a halfhour drive from our house. Especially when there was a heavy storm the waves through up the teeth on the beach.

zondag 24 juni 2007


A position in which we relax. Who is sitting in your space today?

I know, I'm cheating a little bit. This picture, taken a while ago, shows my son sitting on the beach, looking for sharkteeth.

I tought this picture fitted the word well.
But for know.......

and guess what..... he did find a lot of sharkteeth that day.
Ok, enough with the cheating....... This picture shows my oldest son leaving for school. He is sitting of the sadle (if that's the right word) of his bike.


A product we use to help us clean. Find soap in your space today.

A little guestsoap.

zaterdag 23 juni 2007


To make marks with a pencil , paint or ink. Show us writting in your space.

My grocery-list for today.

donderdag 21 juni 2007


Moving or extending in only one direction. Show us straight in your space today.

Today in my space: a birthdaygarland.

It's hanging in our living room since june 8, when my youngest had his birthday.

Today is my husbands birthday, so every year the garlands are there for at least a fortnight. And of course in red-white-blue and orange, because they both are soccerfans and the Dutch soccerteam is in the final for the EK-under-21.


A drink with jam and bread, that will bring us back to Doh, oh, oh,oh. You must have tea in your space - show!

Tea in my space:

Every evening we drink tea and every now and then during the day. I don't like very strong tea so we have a lot of different flavours. My favorite is Earl Grey tea or orangeflavoured tea.

woensdag 20 juni 2007


To compress, extract, squeeze, urge and manufacture. How do you see Press in your space?

I found my garlicpress (don't know if that the right word in English) and my orangesqueezer.

dinsdag 19 juni 2007


A creamy white liquid nutrient provided by animals. Have you got milk in your space?

Although I could use the picture from yesterday, because the hedgehog is drinking milk, I made a new one.

maandag 18 juni 2007


A liquid refreshment. Find one in your space.

Seen in our garden.........

Lovely, isn't it..............

zondag 17 juni 2007

Shell, Hat and Berry

A thin protective cover for an animal or egg. Show us 'shell' in your space. 0

A cover for the head to keep it dry and warm. Find one in your space today.

A small fruit with a stone or seeds. Show us a berry in your space today.

Edit: From the comments I understand that a strawberrysandwich isn't common in your countries. Here in Holland we eat it a lot. My youngest loves it with just a little sprinkle of sugar on it. It's his favorite breakfast, lunch and snack at the moment. It's just a slice of white bread, with butter, slices of strawberry and sugar. The bread is not toasted but if you want that, you can toast it.

donderdag 14 juni 2007


A small vessel propelled by water. Find one in your space today.

I found one in my space. Not a real one but 3 very small ones, on our Welcome-sign at the front-door.

I made this sign myself and used little boats, a lighthouse, bird, fishing nets, shells. Unfortunately one of the letters has fallen off. I'll have to fix that.

dinsdag 12 juni 2007


The end of an arm. Show us a hand in your space today.

Today I'm showing you a picture of my sons hand. The picture is taken a few weeks ago and what you see is his hand with 3 warts. He wanted them gone so we went to the doctor and they have frozen the warts. They swell up then and, according to Rutger, it hurts like ..... Now, 3 weeks later, all the warts are gone!

Tired and birthdaytreat

In need of rest. Show us tired in your space.

This picture shows my youngest last Friday when he returned from his schoolcamp. They stayed in the forest and had to camp out four nights/five days. And it shows.......

I also wanted to show you the birthdaytreat we made this morning for his classmates.

In the post about cheese I told you I bought more cheese than usual. It is used in this treats.

maandag 11 juni 2007

Plug, nugget and me

Had a bit of catching up to do, so here are the words

Something to block a hole or a device to make an electrical connection. Find a plug in your space today.

a Small lump or chunk of a substance. Find a nugget in your space today.

This is a part of the earbone from a whale. My oldest son got it from his teacher.

Yourself, who you are. Show us who you are in your space today.

vrijdag 8 juni 2007


A food made of milk curds. Show us cheese in your space.

What a coinincidence! I just went for some groceries and bought 3 pounds of cheese. I normally do that every friday, here on the market. But today, I bought more cheese than usual. My youngest is having his birthday today and he wants to treat his classmates on something healty. So we decided to make sticks with all healthy things on it, like cheesecubes, little tomatoes, piece of pineapple, gherkin, little onoins.... We have to do that coming monday because my son is having schoolcamp this week. He's coming home tonight, so he's having a short birthday.

We also have brie, french cheese. My husband likes that a lot and some creamcheese. Of course we have grated cheese, my oldest loves that very much.

donderdag 7 juni 2007


Something that is covered in fur or has a fur like appearance. Find something furry in your space today.

One of our cats......

dinsdag 5 juni 2007


A simple food of brown or white colour. Show us bread in your space today.

Every now and then we visit Bakker Bart, a local store where they sell all different kinds of bread. Yesterday I bought "kaneelknupkes". Small rectangles of bread with cinnamon and sugar. They are delicious. Yummie........


A woven container. Find one in your space today.

maandag 4 juni 2007


A removable cover for the top of a container. Find a lid in your space today.

The lids of my garbidge- and old paper bin.

zondag 3 juni 2007


A sweet product from a tree or plant to eat. Show us fruit in your space.

Today is my dad's birthday so we had to go out and had a brunch in a hotel in Zoutelande.
My youngest son took this picture from the fruit that was on the buffet.

zaterdag 2 juni 2007


A narrow strip of material used to hold or fasten. Is there tape in your space today?

vrijdag 1 juni 2007

Peg and vegetable

A plant or part of a plant that is used for food. Show us a vegetable in your space today.

This morning I bought asperagus

Had to do yesterday's word as well.

A small piece of wood, metal or plastic used for holding things together or marking a position. Find one in your space today.