donderdag 7 juni 2007


Something that is covered in fur or has a fur like appearance. Find something furry in your space today.

One of our cats......

16 opmerkingen:

IndigoShirl zei

What a sweetie!

Lin zei

Aw, pretty puss isn't he/she?

Love the way he looks so patient whilst you take the shot. :-)

Marjolein zei

Great picture Jolanda!!

*** Moneypenny *** zei

Awwwww how sweet xXx

sharon zei


pokettiger zei

Another sweet kitty. Love how you captured yours all curled up.

Aubrey Harns zei

awwwhhh, she looks sweet. great shot.

Joy zei

Love the black and white! Cutie!

mil lunares zei cute!

~*Gems*~ zei

Aww beautiful kitty :o) xx

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) zei

Great photo!!

Chris zei

awww what a gorgeous bundle of fur :)

Mummy Banana zei

Ahh - he looks like my very first pusscat, lovely pic! :)

Asian Butterfly zei

Aww, she is lovely!

Eleanor zei

So beautiful, must be a girl.

Alexandra McNicol zei

Beautiful pussy cat!