woensdag 30 mei 2007


A dark area created by lack of light. Find a shadow in your space today.

My youngest wanted to help this time.
He's doing his little tric with his shadow. He's imitating a rabbit with long ears.

dinsdag 29 mei 2007


A little something to brighten up your day, week or year! Show us a treat in your space today.

When someone gives me flowers it brightens my day. Especially when I don't expect it.

Edit: This picture is actually part of my blogheader on my "normal" blog Snippertjes

maandag 28 mei 2007


A throw back of light from a surface. Find one in your space today.

A bit of a cheat, this picture is from last april.

I wasn't in the mood to take a new picture. Last saturday we lost a soccerfriend in a car-accident, he was only 23........ And to make things worse, with him died one of his friends, also 23, who was in the car with him.

But anyway, here's my picture

vrijdag 25 mei 2007


An implement used for eating. Find a spoon in your space today.

There are a lot of spoons in my space, escpecially in the kitchen. Instead of taking a picture from one of the spoons you eat with I decided to take a picture of the spoons I used for preparing food.

donderdag 24 mei 2007


A digit at the end of a foot. Show us a toe in your space.

My toes, with the nailpolish from yesterday and the shoes from a earlier post.

woensdag 23 mei 2007


Something to add, to decorate or protect. Show us polish in your space today.


is my collection of nailpolish (and at the end I only use one....)

dinsdag 22 mei 2007


A track laid down to walk upon. Show us a path in your space.

I love showing you our path. I think it looks nice with the wooden borders and lots of plants.

maandag 21 mei 2007

Cookie & Cards

Yesterday I went scrapping with some scrapfriends so I had to catch up one word and do the word of today. Luckely both words are easy.....

A small sweet cake that is flat and round. Find one in your space today.

Not a small round cookie. No, these are the original Dutch speculaasjes. See the windmill??

Playing cards, birthday cards, recipe cards....show us the cards you have in your space today.
These are my "business"-cards. That's why you only see the picture, on the other end of the cards is my adress and phonenumber.... They are carefully placed so my adress stays a "secret".....
Just in case......

zaterdag 19 mei 2007


A small piece of glass, stone or plastic for threading. Show us beads in your space.

Lots of beads in my space. I make my own necklaces. The picture shows a board on which I show my necklaces on markets.

vrijdag 18 mei 2007


A long narrow strip of fabric used for decoration. Find ribbon in your space today.

Lots of ribbon in my space. Nicely sorted on colour in boxes and unsorted in another box waiting to be sorted out.

Here's a picture of the unsorted ribbon.

donderdag 17 mei 2007


A strip of cloth used to secure or carry something. Show us a strap in your space today.

I found several straps today and I couldn't chose. So I made a collage from 4 of them.

The first photo shows the straps on which the medals are attached my youngest son won for soccer- and chessgame. The 2nd photo shows a little bell attached to a "Holland" hat, from the World Champions soccer games in 2006. The 3th photo shows the straps on which the dreamcatcher is hanging on the roof and the last picture shows the straps on a bidon which my olderst son took with him when he went on a schoolcamp.

woensdag 16 mei 2007


A covering for the foot. Find a shoe in your space.

Very easy, this one. Hoe many shoes do you want to see. Lots of them in my space.
I choose this one for the picture. I wear it a lot nowadays.

dinsdag 15 mei 2007


A tuft of loosely hanging threads to decorate and adorn. Find one in your space today.

Oh, this is a difficult one. Didn't know the word.... Good there was an example with it. The only thing I could find in my space was this

It is a couple of loosely hanging threads and it hold up our blinds in the living room. Hope that will do......

maandag 14 mei 2007

Catching up

Had to do some cathching up. We were very busy the last couple of days so the photo's for My space are on a lower plan. But I just did it. So, here they are.....

A sweet substance that we cannot live without. Photograph chocolate in your space today.

The picture shows our stock of chocolate (in the fridge) at this moment. As you can see we love Milka-chocolate. Usually there is some white chocolate too but the boys recently eat it and I haven't had time to buy new ones.

A little nibble to eat between meals. Show us your snack in your space today.

In our home we (tha't's my oldest son and I) eat 1 kilo cheese a week. So, that's our snack.....

A region of atmosphere that lies above the ground. Show us the sky in your space today.

This picture is taken a while ago it the beach during a storm. This photo shows the sky brilliantly. Very dark clouds, a thunderstorm is coming at us.......... Let's go to the car boys. Maybe we'll make it in time (and we did).

vrijdag 11 mei 2007


A three sided geometric shape, is there one in your space today?

O boy, this isn't an easy one. But I found one in the childrens closet.

These are pieces from a game called Kinder Triominos.

donderdag 10 mei 2007


A little thing of interest to decorate your home. Find one in your space today.

Found this in my space.

I really like this one. It's an ordanairy glass with glass-stones in it on witch 3 glittery balls lay down. In the glass, resting on the edge, is a holder for a little candle.

woensdag 9 mei 2007


A tall plant with a single woody stem or trunk. Find one in your space today.

Where do I find a tree? At the front or at the back of the house. I took the one in our backyard. A lilactree. The tree has lots of blossoms in a lilac colour.

dinsdag 8 mei 2007


An insect with two brightly coloured wings. Show us one in your space today.

O my, a butterfly. Where do I find a butterfly outside, in this kind of whether......

Oh, I know something. Let's see....... found it.

This butterfly is on a homemade card I received for my birthday. The card is still hanging in our living room.

And this butterfly I found in my wardrobe.

And, last but not least, this butterfly I found in our bookcase, in "The Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia".

I'm done...

maandag 7 mei 2007


A picture made on a camera. Show us one of you favourites today.

I want to show you 2 photos I took last week.

This one is a photo of my youngest while his is fishing with his friends. He doesn't want to pose but now I surprised him. He didn't catch anything by the way.

This photo is a picture of the soccerteam from my youngest. They became champion of the season last Saterday. The father of one of this teammates made a banner and they had to pose for that while opening the champagne (without alcohol of course). The man on the right is my DH. The 3th boy on the right is my youngest son.

zondag 6 mei 2007


Winding in a gradual and continuous curve. Find a spiral in your space today.

I knew immediately where to find a spiral.... in my scraproom.

These spirals are paperclips.

zaterdag 5 mei 2007

Adhesive and juice

2 words to do today.
I had some catching up to do.
By the way, I decided to start a new blog for this kind of pictures. I really like it but had some trouble matching it in with my "normal" blog.
So, this blog is just for the pictures I make in my space.

A substance used for sticking together objects or materials. Find some in your space.

Well, adhesive enough. As a scrapbooker I have variuous kinds of adhesive. The ordinary tape, double-sided as well, glue just for photo's, Tacky Glue, and so on. I recently bought the glue dots, but so far never used them.

A refreshing drink made from fruit. Show us your today.

This is the juice my son drinks at school. We have bottles (easy to take on soccergames), little cans for school and a great one for us at home. Always the same flavour though....

vrijdag 4 mei 2007

Fresh start

This blog shows pictures I take in my space.
The blog http://herspace-myspace.blogspot.com releases a word every day. That word is the key to the photo that is taken that day.
On this blog I'll show you the pictures from the things, mentioned in the "her space my space"- blog, I find in my space.
I'll try to take picture from different angles.
Some words will contain more pictures than others, that depends on the difficulty of the word.

Why don't you join in too. It's lots of fun. You look at things differently. Be honest, when do you take photos from yout scissors or your purse???