maandag 7 mei 2007


A picture made on a camera. Show us one of you favourites today.

I want to show you 2 photos I took last week.

This one is a photo of my youngest while his is fishing with his friends. He doesn't want to pose but now I surprised him. He didn't catch anything by the way.

This photo is a picture of the soccerteam from my youngest. They became champion of the season last Saterday. The father of one of this teammates made a banner and they had to pose for that while opening the champagne (without alcohol of course). The man on the right is my DH. The 3th boy on the right is my youngest son.

5 opmerkingen:

Angela zei

Lovely photos, those snatched moments sometimes turn out to be the best photographs.

Lin zei

I really like the top one. He looks so cute (best not to tell him that though I expect!)

Jane zei

Lovely photos Jolanda! That one of your son fishing is a super relaxed pose - sorry he didn't catch anyting though... Congratulations to your son's soccer team!

Chris zei

Gorgeous photo's... I love 'dude' pics with the glasses lol... A lovely surprise you catch them like this. The team one is fab too.

Aubrey Harns zei

These are great! Great shot of your son!