woensdag 9 mei 2007


A tall plant with a single woody stem or trunk. Find one in your space today.

Where do I find a tree? At the front or at the back of the house. I took the one in our backyard. A lilactree. The tree has lots of blossoms in a lilac colour.

7 opmerkingen:

*** Moneypenny *** zei

Oh I love lilac trees, they are so pretty. Gorgeous photo ~ Vanda xXx

Jess zei

That is a beautiful tree! fabby photo!

Aubrey Harns zei

Your lilac is beautiful. Great shot.

Chris zei

Beautiful photo... I love it when the lilac is as pretty as this on the trees!

Jane zei

I love lilac trees, fabulous photo :o)

Angela zei

So pretty, how lucky to have a lilac tree in your garden. Great photo :-)

Lin zei

Lilac trees are one of my favourites, lovely photo.