maandag 21 mei 2007

Cookie & Cards

Yesterday I went scrapping with some scrapfriends so I had to catch up one word and do the word of today. Luckely both words are easy.....

A small sweet cake that is flat and round. Find one in your space today.

Not a small round cookie. No, these are the original Dutch speculaasjes. See the windmill??

Playing cards, birthday cards, recipe us the cards you have in your space today.
These are my "business"-cards. That's why you only see the picture, on the other end of the cards is my adress and phonenumber.... They are carefully placed so my adress stays a "secret".....
Just in case......

11 opmerkingen:

Alexandra McNicol zei

those cards are so cute!

both are fab photos

marie zei

wow love the cards very cute, great photos

*** Moneypenny *** zei

I love them both Jolanda, the cards are really cute and I have never seen cookies with windmills on before ~ fabulous :O) xXx

Adee zei

fab photos. I LOVE those dutch cookies. mmm.

Jen zei

mmm, they look delicious! and the cards are fab too!

mil lunares zei

Oh, Galuppi! The favorite figur of my daughter´s Diddl collection.. :-) good arrangement, and thease cookies are so delicious, in Germany you can buy them only at christmas... good shots!

Chris zei

Interesting cookies and I just love the horsy cards... had a giggle at those....
Love your beaded jewellry too :)

pokettiger zei

Adorable cards! I love those windmill cookies - yummy!

Lin zei

Those cards are so sweet, love the way you fanned them out. The cookies are fab too. :-)

Anna zei

mmm speculaas... why can I not get it here?
Thanks for commenting on my blog. Great pictures. Now can you please send me speculaas, haagelslag, vla, stroopwaffels and drop.
I speak from experience having spent a year living in Enschede... :D

Aubrey Harns zei

Terrific logo - super cute.