maandag 31 maart 2008


A thin sphere of liquid enclosing air.
Show us a bubble in your space today!

vrijdag 28 maart 2008


A coolness in the air, a reduction in temperature, the onset of a cold or just plain chillin' out!
Find 'chill' in your space today.

Taken a few days ago........ a little frost on the wooden seat in the garden.

donderdag 27 maart 2008


A small bowl shaped container usually for holding liquids. Show us a cup in your space today.

This cup and saucer my grandmother gave to me before she died. I used to drink my coffee from the cup when I was with her. I loved the cup., it was MY cup and saucer, so no-one else drank out of it..... so she decided the cup was for me after her death. I never use it though. It's a great reminder of her......

woensdag 26 maart 2008

Fly a bird, like a plane, like a boy???!!! What flies in your space today?

Bit a a cheat, these photos. The one with the plane is made in august at Schiphol, during our vacation and the fly on the big leaf was made last Summer.
We did this word earlier and then I showed the photo of the fly. I think is beautiful, therefore I'll show it again.
Thanks for looking.

dinsdag 25 maart 2008

Balance, dress, cloth and peg

An even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady or creating stability in your own mind. Find balance in your space today.

This is a part of my Pandora-bracelet. One of the charms is representing ying-yang.

A one piece item of clothing for girlies - have you got a dress?

My wedding-dress. I wore it almost 20 years (on April 29th) ago.

A piece of fabric or material or clergy attire (would love to see a pic of that!). Have you got cloth?

Little pieces of fabric to use for card-making....

A clasping device used to hang or hold down. Go find us your pegs.

dinsdag 18 maart 2008


Bounded collection of pages or to determine a reservation - give us books!

A little corner in our living room with books!

maandag 17 maart 2008


Fabric sheeting to cover, warm and disguise. WE all haveblankets - which is your favourite?

A word written for us, this time. With 2 sick people last week our blanket (a quilt, made by me) was used very much.
At the beginning of the week my youngest was having the flue, so he layed ubnder it on the couch, even sleeping, as you can see in the picture (in the picture you see the back of the quilt).

At the end of last week my DH was having the flue and was laying underneath the quilt.
Well used, this week, this blanket.

vrijdag 14 maart 2008

Seed and Relief

A plants power of reproduction. Find some 'seeds' in your space today!

Creating a mold that stands out from it's surface or a feeling of reassurance and relaxation. Find 'relief' in your space today.

Our wall in the living room...........

woensdag 12 maart 2008


To give your attention to a sound. Find 'listen' in your space today.

The "ears" of the MP3-player.

dinsdag 11 maart 2008


An overflowing of a large amount of liquid. Find a 'flood' in your space today.

A part off the soccerfield was overflowing.......

maandag 10 maart 2008


A piece of paper or card that give the holder a certain right, usually to enter a place. Show us a 'ticket' in your space today.

This ticket (from my youngest and my husband) is an oldie... but may not been thrown away. It's from a real soccergame between the Netherlands and Belgium.
The soccerteam in which my youngest was playing went all together. They even came on TV.......

vrijdag 7 maart 2008

Badge, Jar and Fluff

Bit of catching up to do.......

Soft fibers that accumulate in small clumps. Find a bit of 'fluff' in your space today :)

Not much fluff in our space,. The kids are too old for wearing fluffy clotche..... Luckely I noticed this stuff bunny with a fluffy sweater.

A wide-mouthed container made of glass or pot to contain food. Show us a 'jar' in your space.

A quick look in the fridge brought this up......

Insignia to advertise, show membership of or make a statement with. Have you got a badge?

Home-made badge for a scrapbooking-event. Everyone has to make his/her own badge in fav. colours.

dinsdag 4 maart 2008


Also known as serene or tranquil. Find some 'calm' in your space today!

This dove was sitting at the birdshouse at my neighbours' garden.