donderdag 27 maart 2008


A small bowl shaped container usually for holding liquids. Show us a cup in your space today.

This cup and saucer my grandmother gave to me before she died. I used to drink my coffee from the cup when I was with her. I loved the cup., it was MY cup and saucer, so no-one else drank out of it..... so she decided the cup was for me after her death. I never use it though. It's a great reminder of her......

9 opmerkingen:

Bambi zei

another dainty cup (^_^)

Jess zei

that is so pretty. I cant have things like that in my house, the children and husband see it as a challenge to break them.

Jenga zei

Aww how nice to have a reminder of your time with her xx

Rach zei

Very special and beautiful x

JanMary zei

Beautiful cup - definitely a "granny" cup

Louise zei

pretty cup and saucer

Louise zei

A lovely memory!

Karen zei

So beautiful. I love the delicate gold "feet" on the cup.

etteY zei

very precious cup :)