woensdag 26 maart 2008


...like a bird, like a plane, like a boy???!!! What flies in your space today?

Bit a a cheat, these photos. The one with the plane is made in august at Schiphol, during our vacation and the fly on the big leaf was made last Summer.
We did this word earlier and then I showed the photo of the fly. I think is beautiful, therefore I'll show it again.
Thanks for looking.

14 opmerkingen:

Diana zei

Great fly Jolanda (mine is a cheat too)
Love Di

Kerry zei

Fab shots

Louise zei

great photos.

etteY zei

great shot Jol :)

Karen zei

Not a fan of flies, but I am a fan of your second shot!

Bambi zei

both are wonderful!

Louise zei

The fly photo is stunning Jolanda... I love the detail you have captured

Jen zei

wow i love the fly on the leaf - stunning!

Jess zei

I love the "fly" great color!

pokettiger zei

Catching up. Great fly photo. Love your take on balance with the ying and yang symbol.


two great shots.

Zoe zei

Don't usually like flies but that is a fantastic shot - well done x

Rach zei

Beautiful shots both of them. x

Sue Nicholson zei

Two brilliant shots Jolanda :-)

Hope you and your family are well. It's a few weeks since I have been over.