maandag 17 maart 2008


Fabric sheeting to cover, warm and disguise. WE all haveblankets - which is your favourite?

A word written for us, this time. With 2 sick people last week our blanket (a quilt, made by me) was used very much.
At the beginning of the week my youngest was having the flue, so he layed ubnder it on the couch, even sleeping, as you can see in the picture (in the picture you see the back of the quilt).

At the end of last week my DH was having the flue and was laying underneath the quilt.
Well used, this week, this blanket.

8 opmerkingen:

Bambi zei

lovely quilt!

Jess zei

That quilt is brilliant! love the colors on it. great photo!

maz zei

It's a beautiful blanket. Lovely to snuggle in when feeling poorly.

Louise zei

Beautiful quilt - did you sew it? We've had a sick girl doing blanket days over the weekend too.

Rach zei

Lovely blanket and I hope everyone is feeling better now. x

Louise zei

ooooo there's nothing worse than man flu!!!
Lovely blanket, clever you making something so beautiful

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chanapong zei

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