vrijdag 30 november 2007


The last week of textures

Tissues are the best when they are strong and SOFT.

donderdag 29 november 2007


Bristles or spikey textures ain't always a nice feeling - but we all have them in our space. Show us yours.

This "thing" is standing at our frontdoor. My dad made it for us. You can use it to brush off the dirt or mud from your shoes before going inside.


Lots of us have a super smooth surface in our space, question is - where's yours?

Today in the newspaper:

An article about smoothies....

And in my fridge.......

woensdag 28 november 2007

I'm back!

At last our PC is restored. The hard disc crashed about a week ago and the hard disc had to be send to HP. Luckely it's back and I can join you again.

I did a bit of catching up!
Oh yeah, can identify with that. That's why Im late with this post - not well, UGH!Have you got a bit of rough in your space?

Starting a week of Textures, go and find something wet in your space.
To feel a need to drink something. Find 'thirsty' in your space today.
A rough texture on wood or stone. Find 'grain' in your space today.

A narrow passageway between or behind houses. Show us an 'alley' in your space today.
To cut quickly. How us 'snip in your space

maandag 12 november 2007


Not quite or very nearly, show us 'almost' in your space.

It's almost Sinterklaas. Doesn't say much, I think, to you all. Here in Holland it is a tradition.

December 5th is the birthday of Sinterklaas and at that date he gives presents to all the little children........

This year he arrives on his steamship with his Zwarte Pieten on November 17th. From this day till december 5th children may put their shoe before the fire-place (or somewhere else). In our case they used to set there shoe at the frontdoor so he can put toys or goodies in the shoes. You can leave something in your shoe for Sinterklaas's horse and maybe you'll get something big........ You have to leave your whishlist too, so he knows what to buy for you.

I'll hope you will understand this is kinda like Santa Claus....... parents buy toys for their children pretending it to be from Sinterklaas. Elderly children doesn't believe this anymore but the little children are very into Sinterklaas.

vrijdag 9 november 2007


A feeling you get when something unexpected happens. Can you find it through your lens?

I had so many plans today: doing laundry, ironing, getting groceries, a bit of housekeeping. And then my mum called: if I wanted to go shopping for a new couch.......( Sigh........ difficult decision..... NOT...........)

Need I say more.......(my daily routine was completely disturbed)

This one did she choose..........

Just 12 weeks of waiting ahead..........

donderdag 8 november 2007


Whether the word anxious defines that you are worried or eager, try and capture this through your lens and your imagination.


to know what they want for Christmas.......................

woensdag 7 november 2007


This is something we can be almost everyday. But can you capture confused through your lens?

I'm confused every morning.....
What shall I wear today?

dinsdag 6 november 2007


One of the most happiest of emotions. Whats exciting through your lens?

They're building a new school. All the children (and parents, teachers) are very excited. After many years of talking about it, it's finally gonna happen.

This is how the building site looks right now......

The school will be finished june 2008.

maandag 5 november 2007


This week we are going to focus on emotions. We prompt you with one word and you translate it the best you can through your lens. Try hard as you can not to use a human face to reflect that emotion. For instance - Sad. A dying plant, a messy corner, mucky windows (we all have them at one point!)

Two pictures of me today. The first one I made a few days ago, while walking through our neighbourhood. The curling brown leaves touched me and I had to make a photo of them...

The other picture is a real sad one. It shows a broken cashregister (if that's the right word?) Last weekend there was a burglary at the place where I work. They forced their way in by cracking a window and they've broken 2 closets. In one of them stood this cashregister. They opened it with a knife and took all the money. The black spots on it is the powder the police uses to take fingerprints. I think we never see the money again. Truly SAD!!!

zondag 4 november 2007

Tagged again

I've been tagged by Rachael, Veerle, Angela and skotasma. They asked me to write down some strange things about myself.

I did this tag about a year ago and things haven't been changed that much. It belongs to me, I think.

These are the rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

Here it goes.....

1. I have, apparently implanted in me, batteries. Every time, for instance at a crop, when we make the same thing I always am the first one to finish a step. I have to wait for the others to finish their work before we can go to the next step. They say: "Excuse me, are you having new batteries installed?.......... This doesn't happen only then, but also on other occasions. Then I say "Yes, just have new Duracells" or "I just have recharged them".

2. I can't say NO. I try to, but I just can't.

3. I keep a weblog..... Not strange to you all, because you do so yourself, but a lot of people in my surroundings think that's a strange thing to do. I'll always have to laugh because my husband says: "It's a good thing, because now I know what's on your mind".

4. I'm into scrapbooking. Another strange thing to my family and friends. They all think it's great, but why don't I just glue the picture's in an album like everyone else does?

5. When I see a picture of myself I always think it's stupid....... A lot of you think that too from yourselves, but in my case it's true...... It's because I have a lazy eye (don't know if that the right word in English??). That eye always looks silly on pictures. And that's what I see when I see pictures of myself. That´s why the picture on my profile (in the right corner of this blog) is a good one. My lazy eye is hidden behind the camera. Pictures of me wearing my sunglasses are okay too.

6. I always carry my camera with me. Wherever I go, it´s in my bag.

7. I work as a volunteer at the speelotheek (like a library but you can borrow toys instead of books). Some people think that´s strange. Why should you work for free..... Who does that......... I do, and I like it.....

Okay, enough for me now. You all know the strange things about me.

Because so many people did this tag already it´s hard to find someone who hasn´t done this tag. Therefore........ feel free to do this yourself if you haven´t been tagged..... Leave me a comment and I will peek at your blog to see the strange things about you. Have fun!

vrijdag 2 november 2007


Is there a little corner tucked away for your escape? Do you have a favourite plant or some garden furniture that you are fond of? Share with us you favourite garden shot.

We don't have a very big garden........ This little seat is staying at the back door, the whole year around. So every time the sun is shing, even early spring, it's so nice to sit here.

When we have guests i'll put a few chairs with it and we sit here. When we have a lot of guests we set everything on the other side of the garden. We have a little terrace there...... Now it's empty because all the chairs and the table are in the shed.........

This is my favourite tree

When it's in bloom it hangs over the terrace and the flowers smell so nice.....

donderdag 1 november 2007


Inside or out - what is your fridge like? What does it say about you? Show us!

What does it say about me..... Well, it looks like I've been doing grocery shopping yesterday.

A little peek on the outside....

and on the inside......