donderdag 8 november 2007


Whether the word anxious defines that you are worried or eager, try and capture this through your lens and your imagination.


to know what they want for Christmas.......................

10 opmerkingen:

Rachael zei

Lol Very Clever, same problem here too and probably in every other house with a child in it. Kids change their minds so quickly. x

Hazel zei

Definitely accord with that one (grandchildren as well as adults)

Caz zei

Great interpretation...I have the same issue here.

amandamagpie zei

I definitely understand this one! I have no clue at all what to buy this year. x

Bobs zei

Oh yes, I can definitely relate to this one!

Shannon zei

Oh I hate trying to figure out what they want for christmas. Than I guess than I worry about weather they will like it so than I end up telling them. No surprises at christmas in our house.

Bambi zei

great shot of the catalogues

Lynsey zei

Fab idea. I have the same problem!!

etteY zei

I hve the same dilemma every year! great interpretation Joli! :D

Casey zei

I love this interpretation. How can it already be this time of year again?