donderdag 1 november 2007


Inside or out - what is your fridge like? What does it say about you? Show us!

What does it say about me..... Well, it looks like I've been doing grocery shopping yesterday.

A little peek on the outside....

and on the inside......

11 opmerkingen:

Diana zei

WOW what a well stocked fridge. Would you like to come and help me fill my fridge! LOL
Love Di

Bobs zei

Oh my word - that's a fabby fridge - all filled with lovely goodies!!

Kate zei

very organised fridge!! wish mine were as full as that!

Hazel zei

Lovely well-stocked fridge.

Lynsey zei

Well stocked and cool shot!

Kirsty Wiseman zei

im coming to your for lunch today -yum!

Sue Nicholson zei

Soooo glad you showed us the inside too :)

You are so organised :)

Bambi zei

wow is all i can say! very nice fridge (^_^)

Eleanor zei

So neat - but hey, never mind what's IN the fridge, I'm sure I can see a pusscat in that top photo, that interests me more, lol.

Shannon zei

wow I thought that was a cabinet. Smalll fridge. But you have it weel packed and stocked.

Caz zei

Wow...nice and full, and so tidy. Maybe oneday mine will look like that...or not.