maandag 12 november 2007


Not quite or very nearly, show us 'almost' in your space.

It's almost Sinterklaas. Doesn't say much, I think, to you all. Here in Holland it is a tradition.

December 5th is the birthday of Sinterklaas and at that date he gives presents to all the little children........

This year he arrives on his steamship with his Zwarte Pieten on November 17th. From this day till december 5th children may put their shoe before the fire-place (or somewhere else). In our case they used to set there shoe at the frontdoor so he can put toys or goodies in the shoes. You can leave something in your shoe for Sinterklaas's horse and maybe you'll get something big........ You have to leave your whishlist too, so he knows what to buy for you.

I'll hope you will understand this is kinda like Santa Claus....... parents buy toys for their children pretending it to be from Sinterklaas. Elderly children doesn't believe this anymore but the little children are very into Sinterklaas.

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Diana zei

That's a lovely tradition and very like us hanging up stockings (big socks) on Xmas Eve.

Hazel zei

Good take on the word and interesting info.

sharon zei

never heard of that before, very interesting.x

Caz zei

Love the tradition....wonder if the apples gets smelly after being in a trainer...wouldn't fancy eating it...fab interpretation.

Lynsey zei

Thank you for sharing your traditions.

Jen zei

what a lovely tradition, i love hearing about the traditions of other people - great photo too!

Shannon zei

My family on my dad's side is from Holland so I know this tradition. Very cool. I should pass the tradition to my children.

Bambi zei


maz zei

I was surprised to see an apple in a trainer, but your explanation made it all clear ! :)

Sue Nicholson zei

Thank goodness you explained :)

What a fabulous explantion. HS:MS is so much more than a photo prompt it's an eductaion too :)

Great take Jolanda. Really interesting.

Bye for now . . . . Sue

Charli zei

Thanks for sharing that with us jolanda - loved hearing about your traditions and customs over where you are - fab pic!

Rachael zei

Great shot and that sounds like fun. I'd have to use my wellies though in the hope more would fit in. x

Louise zei

lovely tradition and great photo

Angela zei

Thanks for sharing that lovely tradition with us. Great idea for the word.