vrijdag 2 november 2007


Is there a little corner tucked away for your escape? Do you have a favourite plant or some garden furniture that you are fond of? Share with us you favourite garden shot.

We don't have a very big garden........ This little seat is staying at the back door, the whole year around. So every time the sun is shing, even early spring, it's so nice to sit here.

When we have guests i'll put a few chairs with it and we sit here. When we have a lot of guests we set everything on the other side of the garden. We have a little terrace there...... Now it's empty because all the chairs and the table are in the shed.........

This is my favourite tree

When it's in bloom it hangs over the terrace and the flowers smell so nice.....

13 opmerkingen:

Hazel zei

Lovely to see your fav spots in your garden.

Angela zei

So pretty, love that tree. I can just imagine sitting there on that bench soaking up the sun :-)

Bobs zei

That bench looks nice and comfortable and the tree is gorgeous. Lovely shot with that blue sky in the background!

Kirsty Wiseman zei

oooh that lilac tree is gorgeous!

Rachael zei

What a lovely space. x

Mary zei

Great shots ..... that lilac tree looks fab!

Bambi zei

lovely tree!

Lynsey zei

You have got a great area. The shot of you favourite plant is stunning.xx

Caz zei

I love Lilac bushes...reminds me of my Nannys garden when I was a little girl.

Sue Nicholson zei

Hi Jolanda I think I have seen a Self Portrait of you sat on this seat. The Lilac is lovely

And everywhere is so dry unlike here where it is soooo damp.

Bye for now . . .Sue

Diana zei

Great to see the special places in your garden!
Love Di

Angela zei


You've been tagged :-)

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Skotasma zei

tagging you too =)
so you can get away with just doing it once ;)
It's soo hard to find somebody who's tag-free...