donderdag 20 december 2007


To have an intense colour or slight shine. Find 'glow' in your space today:

No words needed (seen on Francine's blog)

dinsdag 18 december 2007

To be successful or victorious. Show us 'win' in your space.

This picure is taken a while ago when the soccerteam of my youngest won their first tournament.

Hard, brittle and transparent. Find 'glass' in your space today.

My little collection of glassy things.

maandag 17 december 2007


A sliding storage compartment. Find 'drawer' in your space today.

Our kitchendrawers.....

vrijdag 14 december 2007


A pool of liquid, most often found in the UK (tee hee). Have you got a puddle?

Mostly lots of puddles here too, in Holland, but not today. It's freezing outside! So this puddle-picture is from a while ago...... The only one I could find.

woensdag 12 december 2007


A soft toy bear, i know you all have at least one in your space :)

In my space there aren't that many teddy's, but I found this one. It's Balou the bear from Jungle Book.

In a national grocerystore here in Holland, you could save stamps (yes, I know, typical Dutch). When you had enough stamps you could pick a figure from Jungle Book. Here we have Balou, King Louie and Bagheera.....


Two pieces of string to assist in the fastening of shoes and clothing. Have you got some laces in your space?

The first ones I saw were these indoorsoccershoes from my youngest son.

maandag 10 december 2007


When a frost forms on surfaces. Show us 'frosty' in your space today.

The whether isn't that cold that there is any frost. So... difficult word today. Luckely I found this little plat my mother gave to me. The surface looks like it is frozen (I think).

vrijdag 7 december 2007


This is a bit hard to define, huh? Can you find a celebration in your space?
Dec 5th we celebrated the birthday of Sinterklaas. On his birthday he visits children to give them presents (kinda like Santa Claus). The picture shows Sinterklaas and his helpers (Zwarte Pieten) when they arrived at school.

woensdag 5 december 2007


You can't tell me you haven't had a sneaky one yet? Show me a card from your dandy space!

This one I made a week ago during our cropmorning. I think making cards isn't my thing, but this one turned out nice........

Chilly and Christmas

Come on, we all have a hint of it somehwere in our space - right?

Not very much "christmas" here. Today it's Sinterklaas-Day. In Holland most people wait with their Christmas-things until this day is over. So after Dec. 5th Christmas may enter the houses.

These ornaments were made by my scrap-friends. They are made form chipboard and we did a swap with in. This ones I liked so much that I left them hanging in a little corner of the licing room all year long...... This year we do it again. Mine are finished.....

Brrrrr - so feeling it here. Have you chilliness in your space?

Shawl and gloves waiting to be used........

maandag 3 december 2007


This time of year calls for December environments - cosy being one of them. Find cosy in your space. The rest of the week will focus on these words: chilly, christmas, card, celebrate (all "C's" too!)

This is very cosy to me. A little spot in the livingroom, few items of the season, a few candles......
In a coiuple of days it will change into Christmas-things........