woensdag 5 december 2007

Chilly and Christmas

Come on, we all have a hint of it somehwere in our space - right?

Not very much "christmas" here. Today it's Sinterklaas-Day. In Holland most people wait with their Christmas-things until this day is over. So after Dec. 5th Christmas may enter the houses.

These ornaments were made by my scrap-friends. They are made form chipboard and we did a swap with in. This ones I liked so much that I left them hanging in a little corner of the licing room all year long...... This year we do it again. Mine are finished.....

Brrrrr - so feeling it here. Have you chilliness in your space?

Shawl and gloves waiting to be used........

2 opmerkingen:

Shannon zei

I love the christmas shot the best but you got the chilly prompt dead on. They both look great!

Mummy Banana zei

I have a few decorations that I feel really sad to put away after Christmas is over.
I love your pics, especially the cards. We've not received any yet.
Enjoy your "first" day of Christmas!