donderdag 20 december 2007


To have an intense colour or slight shine. Find 'glow' in your space today:

No words needed (seen on Francine's blog)

9 opmerkingen:

Louise Woolford. zei

wow great photo

Bambi zei

lovely glow!

Shannon zei

That is a very creative glow and I like the effect and the child's face!

Hazel zei

Great glow shot!

pokettiger zei

Fantastic photo. Lighting such as this really creates lovely photos. Great win photo too. Also really love Balou the bear! Your puddle shot turned out great too. The flower adds such a nice touch.

Rachael zei

What a gorgeous photograph. x

Hazel zei

Just stopped by to wish you a very Happy Christmas

Andrew zei

Fantastic photograph - well done!

Rachael zei

Just popping in to say Happy New Year.