vrijdag 14 december 2007


A pool of liquid, most often found in the UK (tee hee). Have you got a puddle?

Mostly lots of puddles here too, in Holland, but not today. It's freezing outside! So this puddle-picture is from a while ago...... The only one I could find.

6 opmerkingen:

Rachael zei

Beautiful picture I love the sunlight and the flower in it. x

Bobs zei

Oh, that is such a beautiful shot, Jolanda!
Really gorgeous.

Bambi zei

oooh, very nice!

Louise zei

gorgeous shot Jolanda... love the pink flower with the puddle and the reflections too

Marie zei

Great puddle pic. I love the flower and the reflection. Fab :)

SuzyB zei

What a great shot, love the reflection, the lighting and the flower, just great.