woensdag 12 december 2007


A soft toy bear, i know you all have at least one in your space :)

In my space there aren't that many teddy's, but I found this one. It's Balou the bear from Jungle Book.

In a national grocerystore here in Holland, you could save stamps (yes, I know, typical Dutch). When you had enough stamps you could pick a figure from Jungle Book. Here we have Balou, King Louie and Bagheera.....

8 opmerkingen:

Bobs zei

I love Balou!! Lovely shots!

Louise zei

we love the Jungle Book in this house, great toys

Caz zei

Lovely pic, my DD likes Jungle Book too.

Louise Woolford. zei

there great shots, Balou is a favorite of mine too.

Bambi zei

oh i miss the jungle book! " 'bear' necessities, the simple 'bear' necessities ..." lol

Aubrey Harns zei

Balou was always my favorite. Great shot.

Hazel zei

Great shots! Just catching up with all of this week's prompts and interpretations - love yours.

Rachael zei

They are fabby I love the Jungle book. x