woensdag 5 december 2007


You can't tell me you haven't had a sneaky one yet? Show me a card from your dandy space!

This one I made a week ago during our cropmorning. I think making cards isn't my thing, but this one turned out nice........

13 opmerkingen:

etteY zei

Hi Jolanda! I think you did a good job with this card, very well done, i've been planning to do some for my friends this christmas, but I guess it'll take me some time and lots of effort to finish 1 card and by that time, Christmas is over LOL!

have a nice day! :D

Bambi zei

it IS nice! great job (^_^)

Jules zei

nice card, love the colours :o)

maz zei

You should make more! it's great.

Ruth zei

It's lovely, Love the colours! Very pretty!

Jen zei

ooh it's gorgeous!

Louise zei

it's a great card, I love the pp you have used.

Hazel zei

Beautiful card and love yesterday's Christmas

Chantua zei

Its a great card, I love the colours and the mixture of the different papers

Shannon zei

You have more skill at it than me!

Karen zei

Very nice. I love those Basic Grey papers.

Rachael zei

Great card, wish I was organised enough to make mine. x

Chris zei

It may not be your thing but it's a beautiful card :D