donderdag 3 januari 2008


The opposite of black, the colour of milk or snow. find 'white' in your space today.

The girls from MSHS are back! A new year with lots of words has started!

This picture is made a week ago.

8 opmerkingen:

Jen zei

just beautiful!
i love the bridge, it's so picturesque

Sue Nicholson zei

OMG This looks like a beautiful painting :-)

You should have it printed on to canvas . . . it's stunning!


Aubrey Harns zei

Amazing photo. It looks bone-chillingly cold there!

Bobs zei

That is just sooooooo beautiful, Jolanda! Hoiw lucky you are to live somewhere that you can take gorgeous photographs like this!


SuzyB zei

Oooh you are so lucky to have a view like that, beautiful!

Louise zei

Beautiful photo - I love Glow too

Rach zei


maz zei

I thought it was a painting at first! It's beautiful, absolutely stunning.