dinsdag 15 januari 2008


To go at a distance from a specified thing, place or person. Show us 'away' in your space today.

A bit (!) of a cheat today since I'm on my own now so nobody's leaving.....

Looks like they both are leaving us. Looks like they've totally had it with us.....

Luckely it's not that kind of thing. My oldest son is leaving us for a week to go on schoolcamp, our youngest is helping him with his belongings.

11 opmerkingen:

maz zei

Lovely pic. I think these kinds of shots say so much!

Chris zei

Fab photo I love those kind of shots :D

Di zei

Oh what a lovely photo. This is a special photo. Will be great when your boys are grown up. Good memories!

Bambi zei


Bobs zei

That's so sweet. Great shot, Jolanda!

mil lunares zei

perfect situation for todays promt!

angie zei

Fab...love it!!

Sarah zei

Lovely photo.

Louise zei

I love shots of people walking away.

etteY zei

great shot!

Rachael zei

Fantastic shot but it's so nice when they return safe and sound with a suitcase full of dirty clothes and clean unworn underwear!! lol