maandag 28 januari 2008


A short, light sleep during the day. Find 'snooze' in your space.

Our two cats are doing their favorite thing during the day. They snooze a lot.......

10 opmerkingen:

Jules zei

Gorgeous picture. Stunning cat you have :-)

etteY zei

hehe that's why they are prone to being obese because that's what they do most of the time :D

Suzie zei

haha! Lots of sleepy cats today :) Very cute!

Louise zei

my snooze today snoozes a lot too!
Very cute kitty

amandamagpie zei

Seeing all these lovely curled up kitties makes me wish I still had a cat - lovely shot. x

Bambi zei


Jen zei

aw, so sweet! i miss having cats, i can't wait for the day we can have them again!

pokettiger zei

Wonderful shot. My cat would not cooperate this morning - she just wanted to stay awake and be petted.

Sarah zei

So many cats today! This one is lovely, looks so cosy :-)

Rachael zei

Awww such a cutie. x