maandag 14 januari 2008


The world is awash with them - music, images, movies. Show us CD's in your space!

Lot's of CD in our space..... everywhere, upstairs, downstairs, in the atticroon, in the scraproom, even in our bedroom.......

This is a drawer of my dressing-table, stuffed with CD's......

10 opmerkingen:

Kirsty Wiseman zei

you were quick!!!!! Im stunned at how fast you were!
Love your drawer space for your CD's xx

Rachael zei

Love the angle you have taken it from x

Louise Woolford. zei

great photo, great place to have cd's in a scrap room

Marie zei

LOL @ CDs in the dressing table draw :) Great photo. love M

Jen zei

never thought to store them in a drawer, great angle!

angie zei

That is so me...I had to gather an handful together to take my photo!

Darcy zei

Love that you keep them in a drawer.

Aubrey Harns zei

Congrats on being first! I have CDs stacked all over too - great shot.

Linda zei

great photo - we're the same, CDs in every room!

Karen zei

You are quick and I am late to comment! Great photo and I see you're doing the Project 365 as well!