dinsdag 22 januari 2008


A slight fold in fabric or skin. Come on...be brave and show us your wrinkles!

When I saw today's word I immediately knew which picture I could use. The picture I mean is this one....

My granny (she died almost 2 years ago) meeting her greatgranddaughter (just turned 3 last Dec.) for the first time, 2 weeks after her birth. My granny was 95 at that time. And at that age most of use (if we live that long) have wrinkles.
A few months later I took another picture of the two of them, both a little older....
I tought this moment was so special that I made a scrapbookpage about it.......

The quote (in Dutch) at the bottom of the page says:

Some people, no matter how old they are, never loose their beauty; it only replaces from their face to their hart........

My granny was very interested in her grandchildren and loved it when she became a greatgrandmother. Luckely my kids have good memories to their greatgrandmother. The little girl in the picture didn't get to know her that well. She was only 1 year when our granny died.

11 opmerkingen:

Rachael zei

Such beautiful wrinkles. x

maz zei

That's so lovely Jolanda. Wrinkle are after all life written upon the face.

Louise Woolford. zei

Beautiful photo's, such meaning to them too.

cass zei

lovely memories to have and beautiful photos

Di zei

Oh love the juxtaposition of this shot.. old and new. Very nice. And so sweet! x

Bambi zei


Louise zei

beautiful wrinkles, and what great pics to have to help remember your granny

etteY zei

great photo!

Shannon zei

great grandmothers are the best. My children too have memories of their great grandparents...... two are still alive. What a treasure!

Bobs zei

They are both so beautiful! I am a grandma of 4 and I would love to think that I would still be alive to see my great - or even my great great - grandchildren.

pokettiger zei

Just beautiful!