donderdag 17 januari 2008

Indulge and Number


An arithmetical value expressed by a word, symbol or figure. Show us a 'number' in your space today!

Our housenumber


To allow oneself to enjoy a pleasure.

I ordered some scrapbookgoodies and the arrived today.....

12 opmerkingen:

Bambi zei

nice photos! your number looks very shiny (^_^)

angie zei

Nice house no. photo...I tried that but it was too dark Lo)

Di zei

Great idea to photograph your house no. Very clever. And love the indulge photo - hmm scrapbooking goodies! x

Louise Woolford. zei

Fab photos, would of done my house number but its fallen off.
Love those flourish stamps they look so pretty

Shannon zei

number 64.... good number. I also like your goodies. Mine came yesterday and I sit looking at them. But at last they have to wait as I have a website to work on.

Darcy zei

Great shot, we are number 67, though we have a new door and haven't putt he numbers back on yet. Lovign the look of those clear stamps too.

Marie zei

Did you polish the door numbers before you took the shot? I'd have to - mine are very grubby! LOL.

Great photos - and new stash too, that's always cool. love M

maz zei

I like 64, nice number. ANd great pic!

Aubrey Harns zei

Number - Great shot - so crisp!
Indulge - What a great indulgance - I don't know if you can beat Autumn Leaves and Prima! Wonderful shot.

Rachael zei

Lubbly indulgence and great idea to use your house number. x

etteY zei

nice shot! and those goodies are fab! :D

Sarah zei

Clever to use your house number - and a lovely shiny one it is too :-)