zondag 6 januari 2008


Show us your favourite photos!!!

This is one of the favourite pictures, taken in december.

The picture show four friends (I'm on the left side) who helped at school during the december festivities. We made this picture as a joke to give to another friend, who is a teacher at school. She is the motor behind a lot of festivities at school.
We had so much fun doing this.

Luckely she loved the picture:

"I'll put it on my bedsidetable, so I can think of you a lot during the holidays".

she said.

4 opmerkingen:

Chris zei

That's a really lovely photograph Jolanda and so different :D

Rachael zei

What a fantastic picture and I love the frame. x

Rach zei

Great picture - fab frame

Bambi zei

what a great idea!