maandag 21 januari 2008


A circular shape, pattern or marking. Find 'ring' in your space today.

Easy to use a real ring, but I find it interesting to think outside the box. Bit difficult though, but I've found something.....
A wreath from straw on which I glued things like little cones, nuts and dryed orangeslices. It hangs in our living room during fall......

The second one is the binding of a little notebook.....

10 opmerkingen:

Rachael zei

Great takes on the word and brilliant DOF in the second one. x

Bobs zei

That is a gorgeous straw ring. You've done a fabulous job of decorating it!

Louise Woolford. zei

Great photos, love that wreath its fab.

Caz zei

Great pics, love the second one...fab idea.

Di zei

Both are great photos. Love that wreath. Very creative! x

Bambi zei

i like the 2nd ring (^_^)

maz zei

I love the wreath- keep meaning to make one! And good idea for the other rings...

Linda zei

love that straw ring! The photo of the book rings is great too!

Sarah zei

Great photos. I especially like the notebook idea, very clever.

etteY zei

very pretty pictures :) great shot!