dinsdag 6 november 2007


One of the most happiest of emotions. Whats exciting through your lens?

They're building a new school. All the children (and parents, teachers) are very excited. After many years of talking about it, it's finally gonna happen.

This is how the building site looks right now......

The school will be finished june 2008.

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Diana zei

Great interpretation of the prompt. Now I want to see a pic of the school when it is finished!!o

Rachael zei

Wow that is exciting, I bet it will be fantastic when it's finished. x

Kirsty Wiseman zei

oh you make me feel excited for you too.
Loved you sad leaf from yesterday xx

Lynsey zei

Fab shot and great take on the idea.

Mary zei

Great interpretation of today's prompt Yolanda.

Bambi zei


Bambi zei
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Kerry zei

Fab. I bet the kids will love all the new technology.

Caz zei

Fab...how cool to see it being built.

Aubrey Harns zei

How exciting!!! Great shot too.

Louise zei

fantastic take on the prompt

Marina zei

I bet you are all very excited about a new school all new and fresh not like some schools you go to, we went to look at secondary schoolfor eldest son, same school my husband had been to 20 year before and it still had the same carpet very thread bare. great shot :~) xx

etteY zei

I'm excited to see how the new school will look like! great shot Jolanda!