vrijdag 7 maart 2008

Badge, Jar and Fluff

Bit of catching up to do.......

Soft fibers that accumulate in small clumps. Find a bit of 'fluff' in your space today :)

Not much fluff in our space,. The kids are too old for wearing fluffy clotche..... Luckely I noticed this stuff bunny with a fluffy sweater.

A wide-mouthed container made of glass or pot to contain food. Show us a 'jar' in your space.

A quick look in the fridge brought this up......

Insignia to advertise, show membership of or make a statement with. Have you got a badge?

Home-made badge for a scrapbooking-event. Everyone has to make his/her own badge in fav. colours.

3 opmerkingen:

Bambi zei

cute badge! nice fluff and jar too (^_^)

Louise zei

You had the same mini catch up as me today:)
Great fluff pic:)

Rach zei

Great catch up, love the badge and the fluff. x