dinsdag 15 mei 2007


A tuft of loosely hanging threads to decorate and adorn. Find one in your space today.

Oh, this is a difficult one. Didn't know the word.... Good there was an example with it. The only thing I could find in my space was this

It is a couple of loosely hanging threads and it hold up our blinds in the living room. Hope that will do......

12 opmerkingen:

anita zei

ahh...i guess it is a very english thing to have a tassel!

Lin zei

What a beautiful blind and how lovely to have shrubs so close to the window too. Love this picture. :-)

Angela zei

That's a perfect tassle. I love the your window with its pretty blind and plants outside :-)

Adee zei

its lovely. love the white against the green

Jess zei

that is such a great picture! love the way the sun is comming thru with the bright green in the back!

Chris zei

ooooh lovely tassle... I wouldn't mind one of those in my space...Love how you did the photo with the plants and everything :)

Debs zei

pretty blinds....i'd never have thought of using a 'tassle' like that...good idea for my new house though!!! :) xx

*** Moneypenny *** zei

Oh what a pretty window and I love your tassel :O) Vanda xXx

Jane zei

Now that's a smashing photo: all the white against the green, it's really clean and fresh.

Aubrey Harns zei

So pretty - I love that yours is different.

mil lunares zei

I like the contrast of green and white! Great shot!! By the way, tossel seems to be very british..;-) Couldn´t find one exept on english websites..:-)

marie zei

great tassle, love this shot