maandag 14 mei 2007

Catching up

Had to do some cathching up. We were very busy the last couple of days so the photo's for My space are on a lower plan. But I just did it. So, here they are.....

A sweet substance that we cannot live without. Photograph chocolate in your space today.

The picture shows our stock of chocolate (in the fridge) at this moment. As you can see we love Milka-chocolate. Usually there is some white chocolate too but the boys recently eat it and I haven't had time to buy new ones.

A little nibble to eat between meals. Show us your snack in your space today.

In our home we (tha't's my oldest son and I) eat 1 kilo cheese a week. So, that's our snack.....

A region of atmosphere that lies above the ground. Show us the sky in your space today.

This picture is taken a while ago it the beach during a storm. This photo shows the sky brilliantly. Very dark clouds, a thunderstorm is coming at us.......... Let's go to the car boys. Maybe we'll make it in time (and we did).

14 opmerkingen:

*** Moneypenny *** zei

Oooo fantastic photos Jolanda. Love your 'cheese' font too.

Vanda xXx

Adee zei

wow. what a great photo. love that stormy sky and the expanse of beach

Adee zei

oops, forgot to add - the other photos are great too.

SuzyB zei

Fantastic sky shot Jolanda! Hmm Im a big cheese lover and OMG all that chocolate, my kids would be in heaven with that!

marie zei

wow great photo of the sky it looks amazing.
we would never have that much choc in our place it would of been all gone, I'm coming over to your place.
great shot's

Jess zei

ohhhh fantastic photos!!!

Chris zei

Fab photos Jolanda... and boy do you like chocolate in your space lol... wanna share :)

pokettiger zei

Wonderful photos! The sky photo is incredible. Quite the stash of chocolate - impressive. What lucky boys you have.

Aubrey Harns zei

Glad you're caught up. Your photos were super. I would never be able to keep a stock-pile of chocolate in my house - it just would never make it. All we would have at the end of the day is a bunch of tummy aches. :)

Lin zei

We love Milka here too, my mouth's watering even though I've just eaten my prop! Must be a good photo if it can do that! ;-)

Jane zei

That sky photo is awesome, very atmospheric. And all that chocolate!! It's a good job our stash is out of my reach on a top shelf in the fridge!

Louise zei

Gimme your chocolate stash now! Great photos Jolanda! especially love the cheese.

Angela zei

Mmm, Milka. thats a nice little stash you've got there.

Love the other photos too, the sky photo with the storm approaching is wonderful.

Suzie zei

Ok, that much chocolate would simply never survive in my house! I'D be in heaven, let alone the kids! Great photos - that sky is amazing!