zaterdag 5 mei 2007

Adhesive and juice

2 words to do today.
I had some catching up to do.
By the way, I decided to start a new blog for this kind of pictures. I really like it but had some trouble matching it in with my "normal" blog.
So, this blog is just for the pictures I make in my space.

A substance used for sticking together objects or materials. Find some in your space.

Well, adhesive enough. As a scrapbooker I have variuous kinds of adhesive. The ordinary tape, double-sided as well, glue just for photo's, Tacky Glue, and so on. I recently bought the glue dots, but so far never used them.

A refreshing drink made from fruit. Show us your today.

This is the juice my son drinks at school. We have bottles (easy to take on soccergames), little cans for school and a great one for us at home. Always the same flavour though....

5 opmerkingen:

Lin zei

Ooh, the counter says ooo1, am I the first on your new blog?

My sons would both love that juice, looks scrummy.

Andrew zei

Great pic, love the packaging.


*** Moneypenny *** zei

Great photos, love the new blog :O)

Vanda xXx

Angela zei

Love the new blog, good idea. Nice photos, that juice looks tasty.

Chris zei

Great photos Jolande... Looks like there is plenty of adhesive in your space.... and love the juice pic :)