zondag 17 juni 2007

Shell, Hat and Berry

A thin protective cover for an animal or egg. Show us 'shell' in your space. 0

A cover for the head to keep it dry and warm. Find one in your space today.

A small fruit with a stone or seeds. Show us a berry in your space today.

Edit: From the comments I understand that a strawberrysandwich isn't common in your countries. Here in Holland we eat it a lot. My youngest loves it with just a little sprinkle of sugar on it. It's his favorite breakfast, lunch and snack at the moment. It's just a slice of white bread, with butter, slices of strawberry and sugar. The bread is not toasted but if you want that, you can toast it.

12 opmerkingen:

Lin zei

Wow strawberry sandwiches, that's something I've never thought of before!

I absolutely love your shell photo too, its brill!

Lin xx

joanna zei

YUM! I like the idea of a strawberry sandwich :) - beautiful photos, love the shells, too!

mil lunares zei

wow, my favorite is the shell shot. Exellent!

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) zei

I'd never heard of a strawberry sandwich before today, but the Saturday Guardian newspaper had it in it's recipes section this weekend!! Talk about synchronicity...

Ruth zei

I tell ya, I learn something new from you guys every single day. A strawberry sandwich???? Hey, why not! You photos are all super, and I think this little Southern raised girl will have to try a strawberry sandwich one day.

Terry zei

Love all of your pictures, and as some of the other ladies point out I have never heard of a strawberry sandwich. Ilove the hat picture and the very cute model.

Asian Butterfly zei

Great pics. Love that fun hat.

CArollinbabe zei

that looks yummy! is the bread toasted? is there anything else on it, or just bread and strawberries? i want to make one!

*** Moneypenny *** zei

WOW Jolanda ~ a strawberry sandwich!!! Goodness me, never seen that before but I'm going to have to try one now :O) Love the hat, what fun!! & those shells are beautiful xXx

Aubrey Harns zei

These are all great. I just love your shell shot. Those wild hats are always fun. I've never seen a strawberry sandwich before!

pokettiger zei

Great photos. Such a fun hat! The shells are beautiful. A berry sandwich - very different but it sounds like it would taste great - kind of like strawberry shortcake.

Terrie zei

Going to give this a go, strawberry sandwiches sound interesting"!