maandag 11 juni 2007

Plug, nugget and me

Had a bit of catching up to do, so here are the words

Something to block a hole or a device to make an electrical connection. Find a plug in your space today.

a Small lump or chunk of a substance. Find a nugget in your space today.

This is a part of the earbone from a whale. My oldest son got it from his teacher.

Yourself, who you are. Show us who you are in your space today.

16 opmerkingen:

Lin zei

Ah so this is you. :-)

It's lovely seeing what everybody looks like. Nice photo.

Jen zei

hello, nice to see you!
wow at your nugget being a whale earbone, thats amazing! great photos

Marjolein zei

Hey, Jolanda, you haven't changed since last year!!!!!! Good shots!!

sharon zei

well..nice to meet you..x
great the lettering on the plug pic.

Jane zei

Well done on being able to take the photo one-handed with no blurring! You look lovely :o)

Suzie zei

Great nugget! And a lovely pic of you :)

Rachael zei

It's so nice to see everyone today. Great shot.

pokettiger zei

Wonderful photos. Fun photo of you with your trusty camera. I would have thought your nugget was a rock. How cool that it is a whale bone.

Alexandra McNicol zei

Great photos!!

Lovely to see you!

Sarah Giles zei

A whale's earbone? How cool is that?!

Eleanor zei

Fab photo, lovely to see you. And your whale's earbone, lol.

Jo zei

Great photos! And all the others that I've missed!

Marie zei

Great Photo. It's lovely to put faces to names :)

love M

Kirsty zei

lovely to meet you xx

Joy zei

Nice to "meet" you!

Ruth zei

Very nice to see you. I looks like we have a very similar hairstyle.