maandag 18 juni 2007


A liquid refreshment. Find one in your space.

Seen in our garden.........

Lovely, isn't it..............

17 opmerkingen:

Marjolein zei

Ooooooh wow, this is so lovely.....cute.... super! How on earth did you catch this!!?? Great shot Jolanda!

Rachael zei

How cute! You are very lucky to have got a shot of this.

Aubrey Harns zei

Terrific shot. You're so lucky to have been able to capture that little drink! How wonderful.

MaaikeV zei

aahhhh een egel

Katie's Mom zei

so cute! What the heck is it?

Bobs zei

Oooooh - that's so gorgeous!!! Is it a hedghog, perchance?

Lin zei

If this was a competition I think you should win today, this is a beautiful photo and the little hedgehog is adorable.

Lin xx

Terry zei

Great job. Does it come around often.

*** Moneypenny *** zei

Oh Yolanda, how gorgeous is that??? What a cute photo ~ I love it xXx

Joy zei

How cute is this!!! Great shot!

joanna zei

Oh, that is FAB! I tried photographing a hedgehog a couple of weeks ago, and it was nigh on impossible to get a decent shot. This is fantastic :)

pokettiger zei

Incredible photo!!!!

Ruth zei that a real life hedgehog?????

ettey zei

yes it is...but i'm scared of hairy animals like the one in your photo... :-s!

but great shot...nice timing!

Jane zei

Oh that's just wonderful! What a great moment to capture!

mil lunares zei cute this little guy..

Eleanor zei

HOw did I miss this one? Lovely shot. It always surprises me that their little noses are more pointy in real life than the stories show them.