donderdag 28 juni 2007


With Kirsty and Anita leaving for a holiday, they left us with a little game.

They posted a picture of "Logs" and the next one, in this case ME, had to start a photo with a subject starting with "S".
So, my picture is one with my Sisters on it.

Who's next?? Start with S also.......

10 opmerkingen:

etteY zei

your sister is pretty just like you ;) nice pic!

Vanda zei

Great photo Jolanda. When I first read Anita's post I was gutted but then they left this game so I'm happy again xXx

Moreen (aka Armenime) zei

Lovely photo of you both. Glad you got us started on this game.

sharon zei

Thankx for kick starting this with a fab "sisters" pic..x

Nat zei

Awww, lovely pic! you're both gorgeous! xx

Aubrey Harns zei

Super picture! I can't wait to see what everyone is going to come up with.

Louise zei

thanks for getting us started, great pic of the both of you:)

Bobs zei

That's a fab pic, Jolanda. You are both very pretty!

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) zei

Great pic!

Jo zei

Lovely photo of the two of you!