dinsdag 26 juni 2007


Ornamental fine wire work. Show us filligree in your space.

When I saw the word for today I immediately knew what my subject is. This "thing" on the necklace is a part of a snap from my husband's grandmothers jewelry.

When you look closely you can see the filigree between the 4 knobs.....

Granny wore, when she was still alive, what we call "klederdracht" (see picture below, b.t.w. this is not my husbands grandmother).

Her necklace has a golden snap on the back which had two parts. My mother in law decided that, when granny died, my sister in law and I should have a part of the jewel. A goldsmith made from the two parts of the snap two pendants and we both received one. I never were it because I think its a bit old-fashioned, but maybe when I'm "old" I'm going to were it. We'll see.........
The black earrings are made from jet (see picture below), also from a necklace. The best ones were picked out and used for the earrings.

16 opmerkingen:

SuzyB zei

What an amazing piece of jewellery and I love the story behind it all.

etteY zei

nice pic! ;)

*** Moneypenny *** zei

Great photos Yolanda and what an amazing story xXx

Bobs zei

That is so beautiful, Jolanda! Love the pics!

Rachael zei

What a great story Jolanda and such beautiful pictures.

Chris zei

What a lovely story and gorgeous jewellry :)

Sarah (AKA monroegirl) zei

How gorgeous! I love that butterfly pendant :o)

Louise zei

all that detail just on the clasp... stunning:)

sharon zei

What a lovely tale..and pics to show how to wear..brill.

pokettiger zei

Great photos. Love them all.

Moreen (aka Armenime) zei

Love the story behind the jewelry,
great photos too.

Ruth zei

I love it when you can read the story behind something. so cool.

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) zei

Wow! A beautiful piece of jewellery, and such a fab story. I love the heritage photos to go with it :D

MaaikeV zei

zonde dat je het niet draagt maar wie weet...
gelukkig kent je schoonmoeder geen "koude kant"

Barry zei

great job of the photo and im sure these photos will bring back lots of memories!

Debbie zei

lovely photos and interesting story :-)