dinsdag 12 juni 2007

Tired and birthdaytreat

In need of rest. Show us tired in your space.

This picture shows my youngest last Friday when he returned from his schoolcamp. They stayed in the forest and had to camp out four nights/five days. And it shows.......

I also wanted to show you the birthdaytreat we made this morning for his classmates.

In the post about cheese I told you I bought more cheese than usual. It is used in this treats.

14 opmerkingen:

Alexandra McNicol zei

aw bless him, i hope he had fun on camp.

and thats a fab cheese ummm thing! lol

Marie zei

He looks tired - but happy, and that's always a good mix on a child I think :)

That looks like a yummy snack too... I want cheese now!

love M

Jo zei

He does look tired!
Lovely pic of him.

Kirsty zei

love your devotion to her space/my space

Jen zei

he does look tired, but not in a bad way lol!
ooh wow, thats a fab creation!

Ruth zei

Poor baby, he looks exhausted. The cheese looks super yummy!

Lin zei

Very handsome young man. :-)

And he does look a little tired but also happy to see his mum again. Great shot. :-)

Marjolein zei

Oh boy, he sure looks tired LOL.. and that treat.....yummie!!

Suzie zei

Ok, I would not sleep a wink out camping for 4 nights! Well done him! Looks like he'll be a heartbreaker :)

Cleo Fitzgerald zei

thank you for your coments about my photos - it is always great to hear affermation from your peers ... keep up the great work.

Chris zei

awww he looks like he was ready to crawl into bed... bless :)

Eleanor zei

Aww, that's a good sort of tired. They soon bounce back don't they.
Snack sticks look rather tasty.

Jane zei

Oh poor thing! He does look weary. Those treats look great!

Nat xxx zei

Aww bless him! I bet he enjoyed himself though! Those cheese snacks look good :)Enjoyed your atch up shots too xx