dinsdag 5 juni 2007


A simple food of brown or white colour. Show us bread in your space today.

Every now and then we visit Bakker Bart, a local store where they sell all different kinds of bread. Yesterday I bought "kaneelknupkes". Small rectangles of bread with cinnamon and sugar. They are delicious. Yummie........

17 opmerkingen:

SuzyB zei

Oh wow, youre right, they look delicious! x

Eleanor zei

They do look absolutely scrumptious. Attractively placed too.

Alexandra McNicol zei

Ooooh they look so yummy!

~*Gems*~ zei

Mmmm they look gorgeous! :o) xx

Marjolein zei

Oooooooh this looks sooooooo good!!! You're making me jalous... love those:-)

sharon zei

mouth watering.x

*** Moneypenny *** zei

Mmmmm they look lovely xXx

Rachael zei

Mmmmmm they look sooo good. I don't suppose they are good on a diet though! Lol

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) zei

oh - they look soooooo good! Mmmm :D

pokettiger zei

What a yummy treat! Love the plate you used in the photo too.

Aubrey Harns zei

I've never heard of these, but they look FANTASTICALLY YUMMY! Great shot.

Chris zei

oooer that looks scrummy.... :)

Kae zei

Ooooohhh how yummy do these look? Love, love, love cinnamon and sugar!!!

Jane zei

They look gorgeous!!

Lin zei

They look delicious and I don't even like cinnamon!

mil lunares zei

this sounds so delicious! I love the taste of cinnamon, not only at christmas

Ruth zei

Those look so yummy.