donderdag 2 augustus 2007


Finally put mine up;).
I already threw away the box because it was empty but I took it out the bin and pictured it.

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MaaikeV zei

mmmmm ook lekker:)

Lin (Briar Patch) zei

Special K with chocolate? Yummy! Wonder if we can get that here...


Louise zei

I love that stuff, but can't limit myself to 'normal' size portions... so it really defeats the object of slimming cereal...LOL!!!

Aubrey Harns zei

I love Special K but I eat the Protein Rick (or something like that). They're all yummy. Great shot. Love the angle of the box.

Chris zei

Fab photo... I like the one with berries in best :)

Vanda zei

What we have to do for our photos hey :O) Great pic, I haven't tried those before xXx

Nat zei

Yummm! I love special K - specially the red berry one! xx

Diana zei

Now that's what I call cereal - with Chocolate!!!

Anna zei

Not really a cereal girl but I like the idea of chocolate in it! Is that really slimming food though?