maandag 20 augustus 2007


A green living organism. Show us a 'plant' in your space today.

The grapes in the garden of my parents in law. Some of the grapes are starting to colour.

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Debbie zei

omg im so jealous!! fab photo!!

Rachael zei

My youngest would eat them in a flash! I too am sooo jealous.

Caz zei

ooh YUMMY! cool photo

Angela zei

Oh they look so beautiful :-)

Joshua zei

They're brilliant. I wish we could grow grapes in this country, my mum and my brother both love them.

Terrie zei

Reminds me of the huge goosberry bushes my grandparents used to have in their garden, wish i had grapes in mine!

MaaikeV zei


Lin (Briar Patch) zei

Lovely photo, could just eat those grapes right now!

Sue Nicholson zei

Excellent photo and subject. Got some in the fridge but I doubt they will be as tasty as yours :)


Diana zei
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Diana zei

reminds me of home !!! great shot enjoy when they are ready to pick!

Joy zei fab to have grapes growing! Yummy! Lovely shot!

Nat zei

Ooh wow - they'll be delicious once they're ripe! xx

Olivia zei

Wow! I can't see any grapes on our vine yet, but they're not eating grapes anyway! They are wine grapes and we usually get a few bunches. I've tried eating them but they're not very nice!

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) zei

Mmmm! Wish I could grow grapes - they look fab!

Vanda zei

Wow look at all those grapes. Are you going to eat them or make wine?
Fab photo xXx

Louise zei

DH has planted a grape vine - he's convinced that we'll see grapes on it one day (I'm not , we're in the north of England!)

Great shot.

pokettiger zei

Beautiful photo! Great choice.