maandag 6 augustus 2007


A period of greatest beauty, find 'bloom' in your space today.

Not that difficult, today's word. Lots of plants are in bloom right now. I picked two pictures today, one of the passiflora. Notice the little wasp.....

and one of the hydrangea......

17 opmerkingen:

Vanda zei

Gorgeous photos Yolanda. Love the wasp on the passion flower :O) xXx

Kate zei

Another person with a blog just for their HS/MS, I'm getting ideas!
Lovely flowers and love the fat cat.

Chris zei

Just gorgeous Yolanda:)

Louise zei

The passion flower is simply stunning:)

MaaikeV zei

really gorgeous

Ruth zei

oh wow, another gorgeous passion flower. I wonder if those would grow here in the desert? Loved both of your photos today my dear, as always.

Elena zei

wow i love your photos for bloom

Anna zei

Both gorgeous pics. I particularly like the passion flower.

Olivia zei

I love them both! I wish we had room to grow them in our garden but it's already full up with other plants!

SuzyB zei

Wow another stunning passion flower, beautiful x

Debbie zei

2 very beautiful the wasp :-)

Sue Nicholson zei

One of my favourite flowers that I can only grow here as an indoor plant :)

Lovely photos.

Lin (Briar Patch) zei

Love them! I've not seen a passion flower before and now today I have seen two! They're stunning.


pokettiger zei

Gorgeous! Great selections!

marie zei

lovely shot

etteY zei

the flowers are lovely! i have not seen any of those here in my country hehe. great shot, girl ;)

Diana zei

Lovely Jolanda - what a beautuful bloom