zaterdag 25 augustus 2007

Self Portrait saterday

This weekend we are introducing two new features to HSMS, just to keep you on your photograpgy toes! The first of these will be a new regular 'Self Portrait Saturday'. Take the opportunity once a week to practise your portrait skills and make a record of your changing self.

I hate this!

I don't like pictures of myself at all. No further comment.

11 opmerkingen:

mil lunares zei

I don´t like it either, my dear.. well, in the name of art...go for it! ;-)

Sarah Youde (AKA monroegirl) zei

I know, I hate photos of me - I dread to think what hsms have in store for Sundays! A picture of your roast dinner probably lol.

Lin (Briar Patch) zei

At least you did it! I have to say that I love the colour of your hair, its beautiful! :-)

Diana zei

We all hate it by the sounds of it!

Angela zei

I agree with Lin, you did it anyway. I think we all hate having our photos taken. Having to do it yourself is even weirder! Love your hair colour :-)

Rachael zei

:( I'm not a happy bunny either Jolanda. Great picture of you though! :)

Ninnie zei

I am with everyone else. Hate pics of myself. Well we will prevail.

Beverley Todd zei

Yep! I hate photos of me too LOL - but yours is great ;o)

Vanda zei

I don't like photos of me either Yolanda but the one of you is great. Maybe it's a way of Anita trying to help us get used to seeing ourselves ~ like therapy?? LOL

Louise zei

me no likey either!!! but you look great:) and it is sunny too so everything is good:)

Sue Nicholson zei

We have similar colour hair . . . though mine is from a bottle!!

This is a great self portrait.