vrijdag 24 augustus 2007


A hard solid mineral. Show us 'stone' in your space today.

Different stones in my space today.

In this pot we keep the stones my sons used to collect. Everywhere they went they serarched for beautiful stones and took them home.

This picture from our frontyard-path is taken from our bathroomwindow. We share the path with our neighbours.

And this little one stand guard at my parents-in-laws pond.

14 opmerkingen:

Lin (Briar Patch) zei

Three fabulous photos! I particularly like the last one, he has such a jolly face.

Katie zei

great stones! i love the little gnome guy! garden gnomes are my favorite things, they always make me smile!

Hazel zei

These are great photos - particularly like the first one.

Diana zei

Great stones. Great shots! Di X

Debbie zei

great photos ... love the gnome :-)

Karen zei

Three great interpretations!

Rachael zei

Three great shots but I like the gnome best coz he's a happy little chappy.

Terrie zei

lovely photos, well done. X

Star Clatte zei

i love the first pic, the bowl really frames out the shot. and the gnome guy is adobable! very cute!

Nat zei

Beautiful collection of Stone - really love your path! xxx

LisaBabe zei

That gnome is such a cutie. Great photos.

Caz zei

love your pot of stones, they remind me of the ones collected by Diane Keaton in 'something's got to give' :) Fab photos

Katy zei

All lovely, especially the wet stones. Love it.

Sue Nicholson zei

Three fab photos Jolanda :)

That path is stunning.