maandag 27 augustus 2007


A red or green fruit from a tree. Show us 'apple' in your space today.

No problemo. Because my husband and our youngest are totally addicted to fruit we always have apples and mandarins in the fruitbasket.

This was part of my breakfast this morning.

19 opmerkingen:

Diana zei

Beautiful shots as usual Jolanda!
Di X

WendyB zei

Lovely shots and a healthy start to the day.

Hazel zei

Yummy shots!!

Rachael zei

Mmmm that looks so good Jolanda. :)

Caz zei

great shot of the sliced up apple!

Lin (Briar Patch) zei

Beautiful selection of apples!

Olivia zei

That's a lot of apples! The sunset photo yesterday was beautiful!

Vanda zei

Fab photos Yolanda and what a healthy breakfast. Love the arrangement in both pics :O)

Pam zei

love the photo of your breakfast apple.

Angela zei

Awesome job!

Aubrey Harns zei

Terrific photo. I especially like the peeled apples!

Louise zei

Great photo.

Nina zei

Ohhh they look lovely!

Terrie zei

Lovely selection. x

SuzyB zei

Very healthy indeed!

LisaBabe zei

mmm these look delicious, Jolanda!!

Louise zei

I love apples too, and always cut mine up. Great photos:)

Sarah Youde (AKA monroegirl) zei

Love the look of those apples! I am supposed to cut mine up to eat them as I have TMJ and if I don't I really suffer for it!

Joy zei

Lovely shots! I like the mix of red and green apples you have in the first pic!